who is terreno? 

Terreno coffee is co-owned by Jeremy dickerson and Ron besser and sources, blends and roasts custom coffees for cafes and restauraunts. 

first and foremost jeremy and ron are fathers. they met while being stay at home dads in portland, oregon and became friends through trips with their kids to the zoo, parks and coffee shops. that friendship grew through their love of mountain biking. both now have two kiddos and although ron lives in Breckenridge, colorado and jeremy still lives in portland, the two hang out about once a month to bike and talk about their kids.

other than talking about their families and the next place they plan on biking, they talk about coffee. particularly roasting coffee that is special. how do they think coffee can be special? well, it starts with the grower, continues through the roasting and ends with the consumer.

Jeremy has made it a point to foster relationships with the importers and growers that he buys from in order to form not just a business relationship with them, but also a personal one. this accomplishes two things: first, we gain a friend from a different culture that helps us better understand the world that we live in. a friend that we can invest in and see succeed in their business. Second, it allows us to get the best coffee possible as the grower selects their highest quality beans for us to roast. we are also seasonal in our bean selection as different VARIETIES taste better within different seasons and from different geographical locations. 



what is terreno?

terreno is the spanish word for "ground" more specifically it is someone's personal ground that they use to farm on and raise their family. terreno cares about the land that the coffee grows on, the farmers that grow it and the people who consume it. we show this through our "Terreno cares" program. This program is focussed on giving back to the farmers and their 'terreno" We also give back to non-profits that we and our consumers care about. 

Terreno has chosen to focus on cafes, RESTAURANTS and coffee shops exclusively. This means we don't sell retail. doing so allows us to create special blends that are unique for each coffee shop or RESTAURANT. We work with the shops to find a flavor profile that EMBODIES their persona and empower them to sell the coffee directly to their consumers. The benefits of this are two-fold: first, it allows us to focus ENTIRELY on building and maintaining a great relationship with the shop and second, it gives the shop the ability to exclusively sell their coffee... In other words... there is nowhere else a consumer can purchase that unique blend. 

we mentioned how terreno focusses on special coffee through our growers, but our desire for special coffee continues into the roasting process. Each batch is carefully monitored for roast development and flavor.  The roasting process is neither mechanized nor formulaic.  As we source new coffees, we develop roast profiles that best exhibit each coffee's qualities and flavors. If a coffee doesn't measure up to our standards, we don't pass it on to our customers. 


bottom line is that when you purchase terreno coffee, you are getting responsibly sourced coffee that has been hand selected, personaly tested, freshly roasted and promptly shipped.

from the ground. to the grind.