the things we care about:


Family: Family comes first for us. first our own families and then this global family of humanity. We met as dads and many of the decisions we make in life are focused on that. We also care about other families. Our employee's families, our grower's families and families that are struggling. SOme of the non-profits we donate time and money to are directly involved in helping families who arern't as fortunate as ours. 

our growers: The hope is that we have not only a BUSINESS relationship with our growers, but also a personal relationship with them. Part of this is giving back to the farmers and their farms. Helping them with funding to advance their operations and their wellbeing. Not only does this benefit them, but it benefits coffee that we roast.

People: people are awesome. we love meeting new people. Thats one of the coolest parts of this job. We also love giving back to ORGANIZATIONS that help people who find themselves in a tough spot. WE will be giving anywhere from 3%-15% of our profits to HUMANITARIAN non-profits who work around the world and around the clock to help others. 

biking: biking and brew go along so incredibly well. whether it's a coffee brew before heading to the trail, or it's a beer brew after riding with your buddies. We want terreno coffee to be part of that experience. Our goal is to be at different trail heads serving up coffee while people are chatting about their bikes and getting ready to ride... and maybe some beer after the ride is over. You'll also find us on trail building days.

cafes and shops: We care about the shops and cafes that sell our coffee. this manifests itself through training, providing equipment as needed, INVOLVEMENT in events that involve the shop and any other way we can let our people know we care about the relationship more than about the PROFIT (though the profit is great too!)